About Us

About Us
The fox logo of The Neuromythography Institute calls to mind the fox and the hedgehog metaphor of the Greek poet Archilocus, and the little fox of Antoine Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince, whose secret was to see with the heart.

Welcome to the Neuromythography Institute, a pioneering hub for the study and education of neuromythography. Here, we explore the brain through a unique lens that merges neuroscience with an expanded set of mythic archetypes. Our approach extends beyond traditional neuroscience, by leveraging metaphorical personifications of brain regions, neurotransmitters, and neural processes, presenting them not just as biological phenomena but as characters in a broader neuroscientific narrative.

At the Neuromythography Institute, we believe that understanding the brain is not solely about mapping its physical structure but interpreting its vast network through stories and symbols that resonate on a deeper, more intuitive level. Our founder, Steven Florek, introduced this innovative method to create a new dimension of neuroscience that makes the complex dynamics of the brain accessible and engaging to both scholars and the general public.

what is the hat/elephant problem? (Performance forum at Coderanch)
On seeing with the heart, The Little Prince, Antoine Saint-Exupery

Our research and educational programs are designed to cultivate a diverse community of thinkers who are not afraid to explore unconventional pathways in neuroscience. By reimagining neurotransmitter activities and receptor bindings as mythological interactions, we provide a fresh perspective on mental processes and their impact on human behavior.

The institute is committed to fostering an environment where creative thought is encouraged, and the mysteries of the brain are unraveled through artistic and philosophical inquiry. We invite students, researchers, and curious minds from all backgrounds to join us in this exciting journey to redefine the boundaries of neuroscience and discover the mythic underpinnings of our cognitive experiences.

Join us at the Neuromythography Institute, where science meets mythology, and new narratives of the mind are crafted every day. Explore the depths of the brain through a lens where each synapse tells a story, and every neural pathway holds a legend waiting to be told.

The Neuromythography Institute is sponsored by Neuromemex. Neuromemex is the commercial licensing and API services entity for the canonical neuromemex database.

Neuromemex is creating better neuroscience through neuromythography.

The Neuromythography Institute

The home of neuromythography

The Neuromythography Institute

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